Community Building through Economic Development


We’re an economic development organization focused on providing growth opportunities for startups in Texas to effectively scale into new markets.

Our goal is to foster scalable business in our region and provide entrepreneurs in our community the chance to access capital and commercialize their products or services. Brownsville was founded by entrepreneurs, and we wish to continue and foster the same spirit in our community.

We are excited by visionary teams energized to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We are looking to invest in teams that are willing to think about discovery differently.


We Partner with innovators, dreamers, and those who are reimagining the largest industries in order to bring their visions to life.

We Work with, and incubate, entrepreneurs who and rethinking previous assumptions about how companies and the systems around them behave.

We Support our incubators by proactively creating new industry ecosystems that include government leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and other industry leaders in order to make change happen faster.


We seek those with moonshot thinking. Change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary, and we like to place big bets on the future.

We foster intentional, goal-oriented relationships between specialists, entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders.